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1Strong Muscle Building Achievable in Less Time

EMS training is beneficial for adults of all ages, all fitness levels and physical conditions. This type of training has low-impact and it requires few to no weights to see results.

Instead of increasing weights, and keeping up with your progress, trainers adjust the levels of stimulation needed, based on how you feel that particular day, or what your fitness level is. Each training session is custom made to fit that particular client’s needs.

This is extremely beneficial for these of us who are not familiar with gyms and did not take many fitness classes in the past. It is also particularly beneficial for a person who suffered an injury recently and is now recovering, but their muscles are still weak or even injured.

People who cannot normally go to the gym and participate in strength training due to specific injuries, can use EMS training as a way on their road to recovery, without being worried about possible accidents and further injuring.

2Burn Fat Faster and Keep it Away

We all know how difficult and time consuming is to burn fat and get off the extra pounds, even when they are just a few.

But EMS training is here to change these conceptions and give you the opportunity to enjoy your workouts, save time and money, while guaranteeing you the results you have been looking for in a ling time.

Burning fat is one of the EMS training’s major pros, and it is done faster than using regular methods, while not putting pressure on your joints and making you so tired that you would not want to return for another session.

3EMS Training is Excellent for Post Pregnancy Fitness

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life, but after the baby is born, it is time to get back in that old pair of jeans. With a newborn, that could be difficult both when it comes to time, but also due to the body’s weakness.

After nine months, the muscles not as strong as they used to be, their volume is decreased and the connective tissue is overstretched.

Training with Body Time using the EMS training, will give you exactly the type of workout that will get your body back on track, without fear or accidents.

You will need some time to regain muscle strength and the training should progress gently, to give your body a chance to accommodate with the new routine.

Because EMS training can focus on particular muscle groups, will give your training exact purpose while also providing you with optimal support when it comes to these muscle groups that were the most needed during your pregnancy.

Studies show that over 70 percent of females, who use EMS training after pregnancy, achieve noticeable results while doing pelvic floor exercises.

The electric impulses used during EMS strengthen the pelvic floor. Other conditions that may result by a week pelvic floor can also be avoided or minimized during a few sessions.

4Get in Shape Fast Totally Transforming Your Body

A regular full body workout takes an extended period of time to show results while it also consumes a lot of your personal time.

Plus, after every hour spent in the gym, you feel sore and tired and you question if you should go back tomorrow, or skip a day or too.

In doing that, you will not be able to be consistent and stick to a routine, and the workouts won’t offer you the weight loss results you are hoping and aiming for.

EMS training on the other hand, will offer you the perfect solution to transform your body, become healthier and achieve higher fitness levels while loving to exercise.

Because EMS training does not put pressure on your joints, and neither does it make you so tired that you want to skip the next sessions.

And when the results start to show, you will realize that this is a real game changer that no only saves you time, but also money.

5EMS Will Visibly Reduce Cellulite

Regardless of your fitness level, regardless if you are an athlete working in the gym several hours a day or a stay-home mother, you might have cellulite.

This gives your skin that unpleasant look of an orange peel and no matter how much you try and what type of creams and massages you might use, it might not go away entirely.

At Body Time Chicago, we have the perfect solution for your cellulite: EMS training.

Our clients are more than happy with the results they have after a few sessions. The skin is more firm and toned and the orange peel aspect is visibly reduced. The more sessions you participate into, the less cellulite you will have.

You can only choose to get rid of it as your main workout goal, but EMS training will guarantee you more than a body without cellulite.

6EMS Training For Fitness

It is scientifically proven that EMS training can offer you fast and sustainable results when it comes to your fitness level.

You will feel the boost staring with your first session. Your trainer will supervise the level of the electrical impulses that will travel and make all your muscles exercise.

With their expertise, our EMS trainers will compile a training program that is tailored to your needs and to the strength of your body, so you can improve your fitness levels without having to put in as much effort as you would in a regular gym.

After only a few sessions, you will feel stronger, faster and fitter than you felt a couple of weeks ago, and that will also boost your confidence in your fitness abilities.

Your ability to perform depends on your muscular strength and once you start properly training your muscles, you will see the results.

Using electrical impulses that travel all the way to the fiber, we are able to reach deep within the stabilizing muscles and train them. While traditional training cannot achieve this, EMS training can, and that give you the ability to get your strength faster.