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1EMS Training Makes Weight Loss Faster

EMS Workout for Weight Loss with Body Time EMS training is an optimal solution for lasting weight-loss and fat burning.

Healthy eating alone is not enough – you need effective, regular training to reduce fat in problem areas. With Body Time EMS training you can focus on specific problem areas, like your stomach, waist, hips, thighs, etc. Thus, an effective and continuous diminution of weight and body fat is possible with Body Time EMS Workout by increasing lean muscle mass.

Due to the high metabolic activity during and still lasting for hours after the EMS training a high work volume is caused and the basal volume increases long-term through a gain of muscle mass.

Combined with healthy nutrition, weight can be reduced appropriately and sustainably. By weight and fat diminution, it can be noticed that women training with Body Time EMS Chicago also realizes a diminution of the girth primarily in the area of the problem zones: waist, hip and thigh.

A tightening of chest and arms can also be carried out. Body Time EMS training is healthier, cheaper and much more effective than all actual fitness methods on the market. Try it out now and see the value of this amazing new fitness workout brought from Germany, Europe.

Make up your mind now, as having a perfect body is no longer a dream. You can achieve it now with little effort, short time and just a few steps from your home in Chicago.

2EMS Targets Muscle Fibers and Puts Them to Work

This benefit is unique to Body Time EMS training as it targets the muscle groups independently, and the impulses themselves are transmitted directly onto the targeted muscles, bypassing the joints entirely.

Since it is an effective strengthening training, it transforms how the body uses up calories. It is a very effective tool for the shrinking of body part circumferences and fat deposit under the skin. EMS training uses electro muscle stimulation to achieve muscle contractions that are 18 times stronger and more effective than conventional workout.

As all muscles work simultaneously, you’ll spend only just 20 minutes with effortless training. The electrodes are placed directly on the body to each important muscle group; so all the impulses reach their target.

Body Time EMS training can effectively tone your body, giving you beautifully toned triceps, a flat stomach, firm thighs and lifted bottom, and a toned chest & upper body. It’s easy, and you can’t go wrong.

3EMS Training Exceeds Any Type of Gym Program

The time for a total body transformation is here. With a full-body EMS training, you will experience visible results in no time.

Highly effective with increasing muscle strength and performance, EMS training is also time-efficient. You will no longer need to spend one hour in the gym, five to six days each week, sacrificing your time.

Each full-body EMS training is only 20 minutes, leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy your family, friends or dedicate some time for your hobbies.

In just 20 minutes, assisted by a qualified trainer who ensures that each muscle group works at capacity, you will be changing the way you’ve been training.

Instead of spending one hour in the gym and paying a personal trainer to keep you on track, each of the days you train, it will be enough for you to spend 20 minutes with one of our EMS trainers, and take the rest of the week off.

If you want, you can always choose two sessions, with three recovery days in between, but even when you do that, you will still save both time and money, while receiving the results you want, with less effort.

Being free to schedule your EMS session any day of the week, knowing that it will not affect your day-to-day life and you will still have free time, will also be stimulation for you to stick to your appointments and keep loosing weight in an efficient and safe way.

4EMS Training Caters To the Needs of Every Body

If you are 18 years or older and you spent some time trying to loose weight or gain muscular mass or if you are a new mother or have back pain due to weakened spine muscles, EMS training is for you.

However, there are some conditions that do not recommend certain people for this type of training, like electrical implants, heart of nervous system conditions, or severe skin conditions.

When you book your trial session, either online or by visiting our studio, you will find out if you qualify for EMS training. During the trial session, you will work closely with a qualified EMS trainer who will provide explanation and scanning prior to starting the training program.

After receiving the needed qualification, you and your trainer will discuss the schedule, the type of training you need and also the pricing and the length of the training, based on your intentions and your needs.

You will not need your regular gym clothes, as we provide all necessary undergarments for all your EMS sessions.

The frequency of EMS sessions will specifically depend on the clients conditioning and ultimate goals.

Most of our clients choose two EMS training sessions per week, with two days of rest in between. Some clients, especially athletes, add a third session per week as a supplement for strengthening, but that is not necessary for everyone.

Each session concludes with a three-minute stretching and relaxation session, meant to help your muscles relax so that you can recover faster.

5Make Electro Muscle Stimulation Body Time Chicago Your New Gym

Our EMS qualified and experienced trainers have a decisive role in the results you will experience. Their task is to find a balance between the performance level and the client’s objectives and to ensure they are successfully accomplished through individual motivation.

One of the trainer’s main tasks is to monitor compliance with deadlines. This commitment turns the initial fitness motivation into a lasting and holistic change in behavior, including a more active lifestyle.

At Body Time Chicago we believe that our dedication to a healthier life-style will inspire you to make better adjustments and decisions in your life and thus give you the confidence you have been lacking all this time, due to low energy, extra weight and years of diets that promised a way to lose weight fast, but did not deliver.

At our gym you will find the encouragement and the expertise you need to keep you on the right track for a better life.