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1 Muscular Strength Makes a Difference

Muscle strength does not refer only to how strong you are or how much weight you can carry, or how many push-ups you can do during your workouts. The concept is much more complex than that and very important to your well-being.

Muscle strength is measured during muscular contraction and it refers to the amount of force a certain muscle can produce with a single maximal effort. It is also related to muscle fiber and the ability the nerves have to activate the muscle fibers.

Muscle strengthening is very important as it helps with the alignment of your body, increases your metabolism and helps you perform daily activities with more ease. Besides strength, muscular mass can also be characterized by endurance and power.

Muscular endurance is the ability to produce and sustain muscle force over a certain period of time. Muscular power is the ability to generate enough force to move weight in the shortest amount of time possible. These three aspects are interconnected because the number of push-ups you are able to do, or the amount of weight you use in your training all depend on strength, power and endurance.

In order for a person to train their muscular strength we need to also consider de ratio of fast-twitch and slow-twitch fibers in the muscles. Another key component is the neural connection that makes muscle fibers to contract at the same time during a workout.

But muscular strength does not only rely on muscles. It is also important to have healthy joints, ligaments, tendons and bones. While regular strength workouts can have a negative impact on the joints, EMS muscular strength training has a low impact on the joints, ensuring your body has the necessary support to train the muscular mass.

2Pain Management Workout Does the Trick

To improve muscular strength and definition people usually use resistance training, either at home, using their body weight or in the gym, using weights. EMS combines all that, without forcing your muscles as a regular workout might. While is saves time and it is gentle on your joints, EMS muscle training is the best solution for an athlete who wants more strength.

Strength training not only improves the size of your muscle fibers but it also helps the nerves to better communicate with your muscular mass. This will not only enhance your muscles’ size and strength but will also help you better coordinate and perform movements that require strength.

While you will need around a month of intense regular strength training to start noticing any change in your muscular mass and strength, with EMS strength training, the results will start to show after just a couple of sessions.

3Power Workout Has Its Benefits

With only 20 minutes of EMS training a week, you can build muscle; burn more fat and calories, while working out in a safe way and supervised environment.

EMS workouts involve the same movements as regular workouts, but in addition, the electrical stimulation will reach more muscle fibers.

That means that a 20-minute EMS workout will have higher intensity than a regular one and the results will be visible faster. So if you dream about getting in shape and modeling your body in a short time, your dream can became a reality in just a few weeks at Body Time Chicago.

4 Increase Your Fast Moves

EMS training has been used by thousands of professional and amateur athletes for training and recovery. EMS is a better alternative to traditional workouts because besides activating a higher percentage of muscle fiber, it can also help with tissue healing, blood flow and even eliminates toxic cellular waste. All that means that you will recover much faster after an EMS workout than you would normally do after an hour spent training in the gym.

We all know that running has plenty of benefits, from endurance to cardiovascular health, but we also know that is takes a toll on your body. It can cause muscle cramps and even shin splits, joint affections and other injuries common to marathon runners or field athletes.

EMS training changes the game when it comes to the benefits running has on the human body. The ability to target certain muscle groups and stimulate them at higher intensities while keeping your joints and bones safe is the key to building stamina, power and endurance without the risk of injury. This goes for any other sport from volleyball to tennis, soccer, football and even basketball.

Many professional athletes choose EMS training to either build strength or help them recover faster. In playing high intensity sports like basketball or football, athletes need to constantly move, change directions, and sprint. There is also a high risk of injuries. Using EMS training, athletes can not only improve their fast moves, while building strength, but also help prevent future injuries.