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1Personal Fitness Training

Personal training is a very important part of successfully achieving your fitness goals. We all know that if we do not have someone next to us to push us or to hold us accountable when it comes to the number of reps or the correction of execution, we might loose the courage and the will to keep going and push through the pain or the fatigue.

But when a trainer counts the reps or motivates us through the last minutes of our training, we tend to prove that we are strong and capable to finish the workout.

That is usually the case in a regular gym. However, personal trainers are a crucial aspect of succeeding in your training.

At Body Time Chicago, a qualified and experienced trainer who will make sure that your fitness targets will be achieved every time you are in the gym supervises each workout session.

Our EMS trainers are also specialized in injury rehabilitation, extreme transformation and besides the scheduled workouts they can also go over your meal plan to ensure that you are getting the healthy nutrition your body needs.

You can and should consider your trainer as being your partner. They love their jobs and are invested in helping you reach your fitness goals and have the physical aspect you have dreaming of for a long time.

Your personal trainer will be there to encourage you, help you, motivate you and push you through fitness barriers so that you can find your true potential. With their help you will not only change the way you look but also the way you feel about yourself.

2Personal Fitness Workout Will Help You Stay on Track

Every person is different and has different fitness levels; therefore they need different approaches to reach their goals. There are also major differences between the female and the male body that need to be considered during each training session.

Women have smaller muscle mass than men and they do not have the same hormonal output as men so the training of the female body should be different from the training of the male body.

At Body Time Chicago we understand and focus on these differences, customizing our training so that our clients get to their full potential in the shortest time possible.

That is why our EMS training programs for female fat loss and male fat loss are different and tailored to help each group.

3Training for Weight Loss in Chicago

We know that promises are easy to make and hard to keep, but that is not our case. At Body Time Chicago we deliver everything we promise we would.

We do expect our clients to follow our advice and work hard to accomplish their goals, but we guarantee that with our guidance they will get to where they want to be when it comes to fitness levels and muscle strength.

All our Body Time Chicago clients, both males or females, sometimes have complex and deeply personal reasons for not being happy with how they look, their weight, the overall shape of their bodies and how that makes them feel.

Regardless of how busy you are, EMS training is the perfect solution for you, and Body Time Chicago is here to help you reach your training potential through EMS training. With us, you will not dread the gym days, or feel lazy and try to find excuses to skip the next gym day.

We will guide you and be next to you along the way so that day-to day life, family commitments, and even fear of failure don’t get the best of you and make you fall behind on your workout commitment. We are here to break old unhealthy habits and form new healthier ones.

Training for weight loss will take time and prove, some days, more difficult than other days, but the journey is as important as the outcome. If you will be able to overcome the obstacles, you will enjoy the results and do everything in your power to keep them.

So waste no more time and book your first session of EMS training with Body Time Chicago. One of our qualified trainers will assist you with tailoring a program to fit your needs and your health goals.

You can choose one or two sessions a week, with two days of recovery in between. You will benefit of our EMS full body training sessions and in just 20 minutes you will tackle results that you would have in at eight hours of regular gym training.

If that does not sound like something that you would consider, while saving time and money, maybe you need special training sessions. If you have constant back pain, EMS training is ideal for you. The training targets the pain areas in your body, and starts strengthening the muscles in these areas to limit and, over time, eliminate the pain.

We would be more than happy to assist you regardless of your age, training history, fitness level or goals.